Top 10 – Orlando Theme Park Attractions

April 9, 2015

Top 10 – Orlando Theme Park Attractions

As we left the freezing blizzards of Chicago for our first real RV adventure, “The Happiest Place on Earth” sounded like a pretty good idea. So off we went, in search of some sun and fun in Orlando, Florida. We hit up all the Disney Parks, as well as both of the parks at Universal Studios. Even with a month in this area we didn’t get to do nearly half of the things we had planned or had wanted to do and we did A LOT. Unless you have been to these places you just don’t even realize how massive they are! Every day that we went our FitBit Charge tracked at least 10,000 steps every time, that’s approximately 7 miles! With some serious park time under my belt, I wanted let you guys in on my top 10 MUST SEE theme park attractions in Orlando, Florida.

10. World Showcase (Disney World’s Epcot)

The World Showcase is a mini tour around the world! You can eat, drink, and explore your way through various countries (my favorite is Paris). There is so much attention to detail in each place, you immediately feel transformed no matter where you decide to go. Maybe it’s just because I love food, but I think it’s so cool that you can walk from country to country trying all their native dishes. You really can’t do that anywhere in the world, as far as I know!


9. The Mummy Ride (Universal Studios)

This might have been higher on my list if A. I knew what I was getting myself into B. If I wasn’t such a chicken or C. I wasn’t screaming my brains out! It starts off normal and friendly driving you around in a vehicle and all of a sudden it shoots you out at 60 mph and then you’re in a room of fire and zooming around in the dark with tombs and mummies! It was horrifying! Especially because I thought it was just a calm, fun ride! Maybe I’ll like it more next time now that I know what to expect.

8. The Simpsons Ride (Universal Studios)

This ride was so much fun! Starting with the line, they set up the whole story and then you’re taken into a room with a few other people and they play a whole video to get you in even further. Once that was done the door opens and you hop into your car that shoots up and you’re in front of a huge screen and it really makes you feel like you’re doing every crazy thing they’re throwing at you! These seemed to be my favorite type of rides overall and Universal was FULL of them.

7. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular (Disney World’s Hollywood Studios)

I can’t tell you much about what it was like from the audience because I got picked as an extra! I volunteered as a joke and ended up actually getting chosen. So, I was taken up on stage where I totally choked when she asked me to do a princess laugh. Oh well, it ended up being really cool! We got to go back and put on a little robe outfit and got ready to go back onto the stage to be a part of the actual show! I was right next to an exploding car as I shopped in a town market with Indiana Jones running around, not your typical Tuesday. We got it on tape, so I’ll post it for you guys to see later.


6. Rock N’ Rollercoaster Ft. Aerosmith (Disney World Hollywood Studios)

After waiting in this line for over an hour, we made a pact to only go on rides that we could get a Fast Pass for (Basically cutting in line). At the time, I was a little disappointed at how quick this ride was over after waiting for so long but it was actually crazy. It literally shoots you out of the gate so fast I lost my breath for a second! After that it was non-stop screaming and laughing and we zipped around Los Angeles trying to get to the Aerosmith show on time.

5. Transformers The Ride (Universal Studios)

This ride was such a good time. This and Spiderman were very similar and just swapped worlds and characters but it was just so fun. You get into your car and it takes you from screen to screen, which are in 3D and you’re helping the Transformers on an insane mission! I loved it.


4. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (Universal Studios Islands of Adventure)

The first thing I said after stepping off this was ride was “That was so EPIC”!! We somehow only had to wait in line for 20 minutes, which flew by after you walk through Hogwarts which they did such a good job on. There were talking photos, hologram Harry, Ron and Hermoine giving you the rundown of your mission, and tons of artifacts throughout. The ride did make me a little bit dizzy but it was so worth it for how fun it was! Riding a broom as you follow the crew on a Forbidden Journey! This is a definite MUST DO!

3. Spiderman The Ride (Universal Studios Islands of Adventure)

This was hands down my favorite ride! The line was set up like a newspaper office receiving calls about Spiderman, while old school cartoons played in the background. The ride was again on a vehicle taking you around in a 3D screen world but the story and the way they did this one was so amazing. I had such a blast!


2. Kilimanjaro Safari (Disney World’s Animal Kingdom)

This is the only thing we did twice and it was awesome every time! Each experience is different which is what makes it so fun. As an animal lover, it does make me sad to not see these babies roaming in the wild. Hunters make it close to impossible for these beautiful creatures to thrive leaving most on the endangered species list. Until they can be safe in the wild, places like this are a nice alternative to keep them from harm. It was such a treat to see these animals up close and I would do it again and again!


1. Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure)

At first, we couldn’t even find Diagon Alley! But it’s hidden behind a wall in London, just like the stories and when you walk through your jaw just DROPS! There’s a fire breathing dragon on top of Gringotts bank and store after store to check out. We didn’t get to explore this too much because of crazy crowds but it was seriously awesome. When you’re done there, you take the Hogwarts Express (yes, a real train) to Hogsmeade. Every building top covered in snow with the amazing back drop of Hogwarts!! IT IS HUGE!! I honestly maybe cried a tiny bit when I saw it. You really feel like you’re there and it is so incredibly magical.


We didn’t even skim the surface of these parks yet, and have tons more we want to do when we go back! I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated when we do.

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